Cheap Plane Tickets Vilnius August

Cheap plane tickets from Saint Petersburg to Lithuania (round-trip)


Saint Petersburg - Vilnius (Lithuania) (Round-trip)

19 August23 August 2020

8,516 RUB

Regular price: — 10,900 RUB

Airline: Wizz air

Non-stop flight
Cabin bag included

Kazan - Vilnius (Lithuania) (Round-trip)

14 August20 August 2020

11,096 RUB

Regular price: — 18,000 RUB

Airline: airBaltic


Miami - Vilnius (Lithuania) (Round-trip)

10 March17 March 2020

367 USD

Regular price: — 500 USD

Airline: SAS

Cabin bag included

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Deal archive


Moscow - Vilnius (Lithuania) (Round-trip)

6 January13 January 2019

10,882 RUB

Regular price: — 16,500 RUB

Airline: Белавиа


Voronezh - Vilnius (Lithuania) (Round-trip)

11 January16 January 2019

9,874 RUB

Regular price: — 16,000 RUB

Airline: Belavia


Voronezh - Vilnius (Lithuania) (Round-trip)

27 January30 January 2019

9,411 RUB

Regular price: — 13,000 RUB

Airline: Belavia

Check-in bag included


Welcome to the beautiful city of Vilnius. This Lithuanian capital contains one of the largest European medieval quarters. It’s easy to get lost in this city dotted with thousands of uniques gothic, medieval, and baroque buildings. As the day goes by, you will find yourself in one of the many cozy cafe-bars, enjoying the local cuisine. 

You will get to explore the creative neighborhood of Uzupis- a place where artists from all over the world joined to declare that area to be an independent republic.

Anthony Ross

When it comes to the Baltic States, they are all quite different and each one of them is worth spending time at. Vilnius might not be as exciting as Riga or Tallinn, but it is nevertheless a very nice town with an attractive old town and plenty of good hotels and restaurants. And of course, still very cheap. It is easy to get around and can be seen on foot. As with all the other eastern states, these places always look lovely in winter during Christmas time. I visited twice, and I would visit again.

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