Last Minute Flights Macau April

Last minute flights from Los Angeles to Macau (round-trip)


Los Angeles - Macau (Macau) (Round-trip)

20 February5 March 2020

376 USD

Regular price: — 700 USD

Airline: Xiamen Airlines

Check-in bag included

Moscow - Macau (Macau) (Round-trip)

25 February8 March 2020

52,660 RUB

Regular price: — 59,600 RUB

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Check-in bag included

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Deal archive


Los Angeles - Macau (Macau) (Round-trip)

29 October5 November 2019

416 USD

Regular price: — 750 USD

Airline: Xiamen Airlines

Check-in bag included

Seattle - Macau (Macau) (Round-trip)

17 September24 September 2019

408 USD

Regular price: — 780 USD

Airline: AlaskaAirlines/XiamenAirlines


Los Angeles - Macau (Macau) (Round-trip)

4 September11 September 2019

434 USD

Regular price: — 900 USD

Airline: China Eastern

Check-in bag included


Experience the charming and vibrant country of Macau. Its capital is considered to be the Chinese Las Vegas, as it is an epicentre of gambling and glitz. However, Macau has a lot more to offer. It has a rich history, including the time when it was a Portuguese colony for 300 years. You can easily find the Chinese temples stand on maritime-themed Portuguese tiles. The country also has a rich food scene and is offering a vast variety of options to choose from: it could be Chinese dim sum, pastéis de nata(Portuguese egg tarts) or even Macanese minchi (ground meat stir-fried with potatoes).

Dmitry Farnelli

Absolutely loved it. Would most certainly go back!

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