Cheap Plane Tickets Zürich July

Cheap plane tickets from Dallas to Switzerland (round-trip)


Dallas - Zürich (Switzerland) (Round-trip)

7 April14 April 2020

646 USD

Regular price: — 750 USD

Airline: United

Cabin bag included

Chicago - Zürich (Switzerland) (Round-trip)

8 March12 March 2020

371 USD

Regular price: — 550 USD

Airline: Icelandair

Cabin bag included

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Deal archive


Saint Petersburg - Zürich (Switzerland) (Round-trip)

22 July8 August 2019

11,822 RUB

Regular price: — 22,300 RUB

Airline: KLM

Cabin bag included

Boston - Zürich (Switzerland) (Round-trip)

23 January31 January 2020

325 USD

Regular price: — 600 USD

Airline: Air Portugal


Houston - Zürich (Switzerland) (Round-trip)

20 November28 November 2019

480 USD

Regular price: — 650 USD

Airline: Air Canada

Cabin bag included


Welcome to the beautiful city of Zürich. Enjoy this vibrant and beautifully set city at the intersection of river and lake. Zürich is often recognised as one of the best cities to live in. This biggest and richest metropolis in Switzerland has also been rated as one of the top destinations of Central Europe. Its artsy, post-industrial edge attracts people from every corner of the planet, especially during its absolutely fabios summer Street Parade. It is dotted with tall old churches,  but Zürich has also embraced contemporary art trends, and turned some of the old factories into cultural centres and lofts.

Sean Conner

Lively , VERY clean and very diverse for food and drinks.

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