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Moscow - Toulon (France) (Round-trip)

22 January1 February 2019

12,254 RUB

Regular price: — 21,600 RUB

Airline: Air France / Hop!

Cabin bag included

Moscow - Toulon (France) (Round-trip)

23 May3 June 2018

11,631 RUB

Regular price: — 23,200 RUB

Airline: Air France


Moscow - Toulon (France) (Round-trip)

18 May23 May 2019

10,718 RUB

Regular price: — 25,200 RUB

Airline: Air France / Hop!

Cabin bag included


Experience the beautiful French city of Toulon. It has kept the charm of an old town: it is dotted with  ancient fountains and a vivid local open-air market with the flower smells, which are covering the entire city. It is a port city and is surrounded with stunning white sandy beaches, where all water sports activities are available at. Your breath will be taken away once you see the fortress ruins of The St. François de Paul Church.

Marween Ausems

Love it, Toulon is full of spectacular scenery, fabulous food and wine, outdoor sports for all ages. 

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