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Boston - Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) (Round-trip)

6 January16 February 2020

649 USD

Regular price: — 800 USD

Airline: Qatar Airways

Check-in bag included

Samara - Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) (Round-trip)

16 January20 January 2018

7,797 RUB

Regular price: — 18,500 RUB

Airline: Azur air


Experience the charming city of Sharjah.While tourists enjoy the flashy skyscrapers and shop-till-you-drop shopping malls in Dubai, the culturally-rich  neighbouring Sharjah is often missed out. It is home to some of the best natural history museums and contemporary art galleries in the country. Explore the recently  restored area of Sharjah Heritage or the fascinating Archaeological Site of Mleiha. Sharjah is doing more than any other city in the UAE to preserve its heritage. And this is exactly why Unesco declared it to be the Cultural Capital of the Arab World.

Briana Hinds

Fantastic food! Breathtaking scenery

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