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Kazan - Khujand (Tajikistan) (Round-trip)

13 September21 September 2019

19,892 RUB

Regular price: — 26,000 RUB

Airline: Nordwind Airlines

Check-in bag included
Non-stop flight

Moscow - Khujand (Tajikistan) (one way)

22 March 2018

3,447 RUB

Regular price: — 8,100 RUB

Airline: Ural airlines


Moscow - Khujand (Tajikistan) (Round-trip)

14 March20 March 2019

10,686 RUB

Regular price: — 20,200 RUB

Airline: Ural airlines

Check-in bag included
Non-stop flight


Tajikistan is one of the most ancient countries in the world, it was found long before the advent of our era. It managed to carry many sights through the centuries, among them there are truly unique and unsurpassed natural beauties and traces of ancient civilizations. More than ninety percent of the country's territory is dotted with mountains. There are many reasons to visit it: ancient cities, monuments and buildings, mountains of amazing beauty, which every climber considers it an honor to climb, unique culture, national clothes and folklore and rich oriental cuisine.

Nelly Kotik

Absolutely loved it. Would most certainly go back!

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