Cheap Flights Sint Maarten November

Cheap flights from Boston to Sint Maarten (round-trip)


Boston - Philipsburg (Sint Maarten) (Round-trip)

1 March6 March 2020

382 USD

Regular price: — 700 USD

Airline: American Airlines / Delta

Cabin bag included

Moscow - Philipsburg (Sint Maarten) (Round-trip)

6 March16 March 2020

44,034 RUB

Regular price: — 55,400 RUB

Airline: KLM

Cabin bag included

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Deal archive


Boston - Philipsburg (Sint Maarten) (Round-trip)

4 November13 November 2019

336 USD

Regular price: — 650 USD

Airline: JetBlue

Cabin bag included

Houston - Philipsburg (Sint Maarten) (Round-trip)

4 June19 June 2019

344 USD

Regular price: — 680 USD

Airline: Spirit


Denver - Philipsburg (Sint Maarten) (Round-trip)

2 July10 July 2019

428 USD

Regular price: — 550 USD

Airline: Spirit

Cabin bag included

Sint Maarten

Welcome to the beautiful Sint Maarten. This country is divided into two parts: the French and the Dutch, and they are completely different from one another. Sint Maarten has a dynamic, tourist-friendly nightlife and is dotted with tacky casinos, numerous residential houses and luxury spa-resorts. If you are seeking for a peace and quiet, you can always visit the picture-perfect beaches around Simpson Bay and Little Bay.

Patricia Wilkers

 It is a very hot and crowded country. When we went outside, even though it was a night time, we were instantly covered in sweat. We went to the beach in the morning :) My husband went to play volleyball with the locals, and I laid on a sand under an umbrella, walked along the beach and sunbathed :).In the end of the day we both got a sunburn. Other than that we had a great vacation. Definitely recommend to visit! 

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