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Cheap flights from Miami to Panama (round-trip)


Miami - Panama City (Panama) (Round-trip)

18 February25 February 2020

286 USD

Regular price: — 500 USD

Airline: American Airlines

Cabin bag included

Los Angeles - Panama City (Panama) (Round-trip)

21 April28 April 2020

279 USD

Regular price: — 400 USD

Airline: Spirit

Cabin bag included

Miami - Panama City (Panama) (Round-trip)

10 March17 March 2020

254 USD

Regular price: — 450 USD

Airline: Copa

Check-in bag included

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Deal archive


Minneapolis - Panama City (Panama) (Round-trip)

15 May20 May 2019

323 USD

Regular price: — 570 USD

Airline: Spirit


Chicago - Panama City (Panama) (Round-trip)

29 May2 June 2019

277 USD

Regular price: — 620 USD

Airline: Spirit Airlines


Seattle - Panama City (Panama) (Round-trip)

15 May29 May 2019

387 USD

Regular price: — 860 USD

Airline: Spirit


Experience the charming and vibrant Panama. It is known for being the  most cosmopolitan country in Central America, which also offers a breathtaking gateway to tropical escapes. Panama is a cultural melting pot due to being the regional hub of trade and immigration for centuries. Its capital is dotted with sultry skyline of shimmering glass and steel towers that is reminiscent of Miami. Enjoy the sunshine at one to the many white sandy beaches (Pacific or Caribbean), admire the canal, or explore lush emerald-green rain-forests, a home to howler monkeys, toucans and charming sloths.

Helena Lizzaraga

Excellent beaches, good climate, delicious food, interesting tourists attractions, friendly people, low prices, a feeling of happiness and bliss, fulfillment of desires, interesting culture. What else do you need?

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