Cheap Flights Costa Rica October

Cheap flights from Dallas to Costa Rica (round-trip)


Dallas - San José (Costa Rica) (Round-trip)

20 February24 February 2020

264 USD

Regular price: — 400 USD

Airline: Interjet


Los Angeles - San José (Costa Rica) (Round-trip)

26 April3 May 2020

305 USD

Regular price: — 400 USD

Airline: Volaris

Cabin bag included

San Francisco - San José (Costa Rica) (Round-trip)

26 February4 March 2020

364 USD

Regular price: — 600 USD

Airline: Copa

Check-in bag included

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Deal archive


Houston - San José (Costa Rica) (Round-trip)

11 October22 October 2019

256 USD

Regular price: — 460 USD

Airline: InterJet

Cabin bag included

Boston - San José (Costa Rica) (Round-trip)

15 October22 October 2019

272 USD

Regular price: — 350 USD

Airline: Spirit

Cabin bag included

Miami - San José (Costa Rica) (Round-trip)

18 October27 October 2019

228 USD

Regular price: — 350 USD

Airline: American Airlines

Non-stop flight
Cabin bag included

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a true paradise for those who are looking for interesting and exotic lands. This country is known for its incredible diversity of nature, as well as for its unusual geography, because its shores are washed by two oceans: the Atlantic and the Pacific. Geographically, Costa Rica is located on the isthmus between North and South America. As a result, on this kind of biological bridge between two continents, the most diverse representatives of flora and fauna coexist. Here you can find both coastal landscapes, off the ocean, and desert landscapes, in mountainous terrain at an altitude of 3 thousand meters. Costa Rica also includes several islands, one of which, Isla de la Coco, a real marvel of the sea, is located about 400 kilometers from the mainland Puntarenas port. Coco Island is small, its total area is only 24 square meters. km The largest island of Costa Rica - Isla Calero, with an area of ​​151.6 square meters.

Helena Lizzaraga

Excellent beaches, good climate, delicious food, interesting tourists attractions, friendly people, low prices, a feeling of happiness and bliss, fulfillment of desires, interesting culture. What else do you need?

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