Cheap Flights Chile February

Cheap flights from Miami to Chile (round-trip)


Miami - Santiago (Chile) (Round-trip)

11 March18 March 2020

557 USD

Regular price: — 800 USD

Airline: Aeromexico

Cabin bag included

Moscow - Santiago (Chile) (Round-trip)

8 March19 March 2020

54,122 RUB

Regular price: — 68,500 RUB

Airline: Swiss / Alitalia

Check-in bag included

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Deal archive


Miami - Santiago (Chile) (Round-trip)

2 February10 February 2020

740 USD

Regular price: — 900 USD

Airline: Aeromexico

Cabin bag included

Dallas - Santiago (Chile) (Round-trip)

6 February15 February 2020

618 USD

Regular price: — 800 USD

Airline: InterJet

Cabin bag included

Washington DC - Santiago (Chile) (Round-trip)

3 June18 June 2019

359 USD

Regular price: — 650 USD

Airline: Spirit


Chile is a fantastic destination for those people looking for something a little different. Due to its longitudinal  geography you can experience wildly different climates and landscapes. From mountains covered in snow to bone dry deserts it rolls every type of holiday into one. The culture is fantastic as well. Whether you enjoy vibrant, Latin cities or rustic cattle ranches you will find a unique experience at every corner.

Erica Ponce

Exceeded our expectations, a wonderful country  with so much to see. Will definitely return again

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