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Cheap flights from Dallas to Brazil (round-trip)


Dallas - São Paulo (Brazil) (Round-trip)

4 May12 May 2020

662 USD

Regular price: — 900 USD

Airline: SAS / Azul Airlines

Cabin bag included

Kazan - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (Round-trip)

13 May25 May 2020

53,613 RUB

Regular price: — 72,000 RUB

Airline: Nordwind Airlines/Air France


Moscow - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (Round-trip)

25 May8 June 2020

38,613 RUB

Regular price: — 52,600 RUB

Airline: Air France

Check-in bag included

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Deal archive


Krasnodar - São Paulo (Brazil) (Round-trip)

8 May15 May 2019

55,699 RUB

Regular price: — 72,000 RUB

Airline: Nordwind Airlines / Alitalia

Cabin bag included

Moscow - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (Round-trip)

6 May20 May 2019

43,719 RUB

Regular price: — 65,700 RUB

Airline: Alitalia

Check-in bag included

Moscow - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (Round-trip)

5 May20 May 2019

39,311 RUB

Regular price: — 59,600 RUB

Airline: Lufthansa

Check-in bag included


Brazil is the largest country in South America, the main wealth of which is beautiful nature, warm climate and cheerful people. Brazil is a country of tropics and white beaches. The country is a paradise for nature lovers. Many diverse national parks, Iguazu waterfalls, unique landscapes of Lensois, tours on the deep Amazon - it is difficult to list all the options. But the main event of the year is the traditional Brazilian Carnival for which hundreds of tourists come to the country. The main event of the carnival is the parade of Samba schools in Rio.

Sam Nixon

I went with friends to Brazil last year. The country is beautiful, and the girls are even better!

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